Bremen Street Park

Bremen Street Park is fabulous for walking and people watching. Eventually it will be a 3-mile long park that starts at Piers Park on the harbor and will end at Belle Isle Marsh
Reservation. There are walking and biking paths as well as a HUGE playground for kids that is normally swarming with the cutest kids you have ever seen. There is also a community garden, ampitheater for concerts, and a summer spray fountain. Not only that, the brand new airport T-stop is right off of the park!

Near the entrance to the park, there are a few mulberry trees where people go and collect berries for jellies and pies. You have to get there early because all of the ‘reach-able’ berries go quick!  I like to pick a few and sit and look at these amazing murals that kids from Eastie paint each summer.

Love, love, love Bremen Street Park!

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