I’m done!



July 25th marked the last day of school for me. So for the last few days I have been free!! I spent my first free weekend at E’s house learning how to make quimbolitos from E’s mom, Marcia. Quimbolitos are a sweet cake steamed in an achira leaf – delicious! The next day E had a 7 hour BBQ with his friends which turned out to be a lot of fun too!

So Monday was my first day of vacation with nothing planned. It was amazing. I made a simple green smoothie with chia seeds while I flipped through the Lucky magazine that E had brought from the US for me and watched Live with Kelly and Michael on the internet. So luxurious.

I’ve started running again. I’m on Week 4 of the Couch to 5K. I really, really hate running. I’m trying to push through and find the good but I fight with myself to keep going because I hate it so much. I’ve been trying to find a workout that will give me the same benefits that running will but that doesn’t seem to exist. The words used in their names: blast, explosion, meltdown, insanity – make the workouts sound REALLY violent.  I guess running is it for a while!

Stay tuned for more updates! I finally have the time to write some!

Don’t call it a midlife crisis! It’s a ….

So after my last post I received LOTS of feedback. All of it positive and kind which was awesome. I heard from people I haven’t spoken to in a long time which was a hoot! I have decided calling it ‘The Year of Megan’ sounds a wee bit too self involved after a few loving jokes from friends. Thanks for keeping me humble, fam. 🙂

In addition, I realized this might be my midlife crisis. I quit my job. I am with the most amazing younger man on Earth. And I moved to a new country. All signs of a midlife….crisis? I don’t think I’m in crisis. I googled ‘other names for a midlife crisis’ and Continue reading

The last two weeks…

The last two weeks were absolutely insane. Seriously. I sold the car back to the dealer and got a pretty good deal after some dramatics. I finished packing almost everything and was ready when my sister, Allison, and her boyfriend, Luke, came to Boston to help me move. We went to get the U-haul trailer and Luke was a champ driving that thing through the city. Continue reading

What’s the big diff?

Before I came back to the US, I asked all of the my friends who went home before me, “So? What’s is like? What’s the hardest part about going back?” Everyone had something different to say. I didn’t get a really specific answer that resonated with me so I knew I just had to wait and see.So I’ve been back almost one week. Now I have my answers.

First and foremost, I miss my host family. When I first moved to Ecuador, I never thought I would get used to living with FIVE other nosy family members. I had lived alone for 20 Continue reading

My Father

My dad and me

My dad and me

There is a reason I haven’t updated this blog for such a long time. At the end of May, my father passed away and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it in terms of this blog. Was I supposed to include it, ignore it, or gloss over it? So I avoided the whole issue by not posting. This was not a great idea. I need to talk about it and I need to keep on living my life. So here goes…

I planned a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was going with Esteban. He was going on the trip to see Ecuador play Argentina in one of the MANY tournaments to win one of the MANY cups in South Continue reading

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Today is Marcia’s (my host mom) birthday. To celebrate, Henry (my host dad) took the family out for dinner yesterday in the historical center. We walked around for a bit looking at all of the public performance artists and then we ended up having Sunday dinner at the most beautiful restaurant in Quito. (Well, as far as I have seen!) It was on a rooftop in the Continue reading


My cousins, Jeanne and Marty, invited me to their summer camp in the Adirondacks for the 4th of July weekend. It was so much fun! They’ve owned the place for a while but since I haven’t been home the last few summers, I haven’t had the chance to experience it!

The way that Jeanne has decorated every inch or the care Marty heaps onto the place are just a couple signs of the love and happiness that make Pinemór as magical as it is. There Continue reading