Halloween with SECAP students!

On Monday, my classes at SECAP celebrated Halloween. It was so much fun! I prepared all of the games that we used to play at Halloween parties and my students had a ball. We played ‘Wrap the Mummy’ which was the most fun to watch. They had three minutes to wrap their teammate like a mummy using all the toilet paper they could hold. We played ‘Clothespin Drop’ which normally involves dropping wooden clothespins into a jar. Since I Continue reading

It’s been a long time coming!

Today I realized that it’s been a looong time since I’ve updated my blog. My life has settled into a nice routine and Ecuador is becoming less of a strange vacation and more like my life.

About one month ago, I moved in with a different family – The Huaca’s. They are fabulous people and it’s an incredibly different experience than my last family. I love being here. Henry and Marcia are my host mom and dad. They are lovely and devout people who put Continue reading

Reality Bites

Soooooo……I had my first meeting yesterday. There were all sorts of forms that we received and lots of explanations on how and when to complete them. The people working at SECAP were speaking in Spanish and our directors were there to translate. The meeting lasted a good two hours and we were on our way once the SECAP director told my friend and I that we had to be there at 8AM and not to be late. Nothing too exciting.

Today, however, was another story. Robert and I arrived at 8am ready to work. We were to proctor placement exams for everyone who would be entering SECAP as new students. Continue reading

The Party’s Over

I woke up early after a ‘late’ night out. (I avoid staying out really late for lots of reasons!) Right now, there are lots of WorldTeach volunteers heading out of Quito and to their placements. It’s really sad. We’ve had this lovely American bubble and it has popped!

Yesterday, was a fantastic last day. Instead of Spanish class, our school set up a scavenger hunt for everyone. It was a lot of fun. We had to do things like search for certain fruits at the market, sing a song in Spanish, ask a stranger for the lyrics to the national Continue reading

Crazy Schedule!!

Since the moment I arrived in Quito, I have not had one day where I didn’t have to go to a full day of classes, visit a tourist attraction, or hang out with the family and watch the kids. Until today. I am doing nothing today!

Until this past week, WorldTeach kept us busy in classes from 9am until 6:30pm. This week, we started out practice teaching so WorldTeach classes only ran from 10am until 5 pm and then I rushed over to SECAP to teach from 6pm until 8pm. I have to admit, last week I was tired and a bit overwhelmed. I had to keep telling myself that it was only a few days of crazy, and then everything would be fine.

Teaching English is SO FREAKING HARD. It is nothing like teaching math. NOTHING!!! Here are all of my reasons why: Continue reading

Time is FLYING!

I can’t believe that I have been here for 6 days. It feels like I’ve been here forever! I am ridiculously busy. Each day from 9 until 6, I am attending WorldTeach seminars about everything from TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) to Culture Shock to Continue reading