I’m done!



July 25th marked the last day of school for me. So for the last few days I have been free!! I spent my first free weekend at E’s house learning how to make quimbolitos from E’s mom, Marcia. Quimbolitos are a sweet cake steamed in an achira leaf – delicious! The next day E had a 7 hour BBQ with his friends which turned out to be a lot of fun too!

So Monday was my first day of vacation with nothing planned. It was amazing. I made a simple green smoothie with chia seeds while I flipped through the Lucky magazine that E had brought from the US for me and watched Live with Kelly and Michael on the internet. So luxurious.

I’ve started running again. I’m on Week 4 of the Couch to 5K. I really, really hate running. I’m trying to push through and find the good but I fight with myself to keep going because I hate it so much. I’ve been trying to find a workout that will give me the same benefits that running will but that doesn’t seem to exist. The words used in their names: blast, explosion, meltdown, insanity – make the workouts sound REALLY violent.  I guess running is it for a while!

Stay tuned for more updates! I finally have the time to write some!

The World Cup Is Here

OMG. Never have I seen such hype, such excitement, such pure joy on the faces of Ecuadorians as when The World Cup (please note I capitalize out of respect) is discussed. I was in Cuba when that last World Cup ended and Spain won and I thought it was crazy there. Nope. That was nothin’.

First, you have to understand that everyone here has been filling official FIFA sticker books with FIFA approved stickers of players, teams, team insignia, and stadiums. You might think I am talking about kids when I say everyone. Nope. EVERYONE. Grown adults are Continue reading

I have fallen in love again

So my work as an SAT tutor is finished until September. I have to say I really loved working with small groups of extremely motivated and polite kids in extremely luxe settings like country clubs and penthouse floors of office buildings. You are probably thinking, “Sounds great! What’s not to like?” and you would be right to ask. The answer is nothing. It was awesome. However, it did take up some precious time of which I have little since I am always planning my classes and grading at my full time job. Continue reading

What am I going to do first?

I have about two months of school left. (Yes, TWO MONTHS! No more complaining about snow days extending the school year ever again!) I have been working really hard to capture the attention of the seniors. In the last few weeks, the Ministry of Education added two extra weeks onto the end of the year for seniors and announced that the kids would have to take Examenes de Grados. If the kids do not pass, then they do not graduate. Whaaaaa? Yup. True. Aaaaaaand totally ridiculous. ¡Así es la vida!

When I am not planning or grading, I am daydreaming about all of the things I will do once I have the time. Here are my lists: Continue reading

Don’t call it a midlife crisis! It’s a ….

So after my last post I received LOTS of feedback. All of it positive and kind which was awesome. I heard from people I haven’t spoken to in a long time which was a hoot! I have decided calling it ‘The Year of Megan’ sounds a wee bit too self involved after a few loving jokes from friends. Thanks for keeping me humble, fam. 🙂

In addition, I realized this might be my midlife crisis. I quit my job. I am with the most amazing younger man on Earth. And I moved to a new country. All signs of a midlife….crisis? I don’t think I’m in crisis. I googled ‘other names for a midlife crisis’ and Continue reading

¿¿El Año de Megan??

Most people know that I am not returning to my job next year. The decision has been made. What has not been decided is what the heck am I going to to do! Lots and lots of people have come up to me offering lots of options and I am incredibly blessed to have good people in my life looking out for me. Just today I ran into one of my students from my Continue reading

One Perfect Sunday

On Sunday, Esteban and I went to Parque Metropolitano Guanguiltagua. It was a beautiful day – sunny, warm breezes, and blue skies. We packed a lunch of sandwiches and mandarinas, our new books (mine in Spanish and his in English), and a blanket.

We walked through a lot of the park – which is HUGE – it’s over 1.6 times as large as Central Park in NYC. I was searching for a roving group of llamas that live in the park Continue reading