I’m back, Blogosphere!


So I’ve been living in Madrid for six months and it is time to bring back the blog. It is so strange and bittersweet to read my last post. I was in such a different place! Too much has done on since the last time to explain so here are the big moments:

  • I left Ecuador in July 2015. I went home to the US for about 6 weeks to hang out with my family. It was weird and nice to be home. I also spent a great deal of time taking a million tests and attending workshops so that I could be certified to be a teacher in New York. (BTW – The process is ridiculous and I’m still not done. Shame on you, New York Board of Regents)
  • I spent a week in NYC learning about the IB mathematics program and how to teach. FUN!
  • I MOVED TO MADRID!! The first week here was crazy and fun and HOT. All of new teachers in my school participated in a great orientation that involved finding an apartment, going out for tapas and tintos de verano – my favourite drink here in Madrid.
  • My computer somehow figured out I was in Europe and switched over to British English. So any time you see an s or ou where a z or an o should be, that’s not me being Madonna-esque. I just can’t fight my word processor anymore.
  • I moved into an adorable apartment on a really fun street in a neighbourhood called Malasaña. I LOVE it – old tile floors, arched doorways, four balconies, and lots of light. It also has old windows that allows all of the noise of the street into the apartment. We are talking crowds of people walking around at 4am. I have gotten used to it but that late night stereotype about Spain is no stereotype – it’s the truth!
  • I teach at an amazing school with amazing people. The kids are always the best part of any teaching job. And the people I teach with are smart and fun and wonderful. I have really nice friends and I am growing professionally.
  • I have been able to travel around Spain and to Paris with my new colleagues and friends. Europe is really….European!!
  • E is studying in the Netherlands and we have gotten to see other a few times. We have met up in Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and lots of other places. I miss him like crazy!

So there it is – a quick catch-up and now I can start my blog again.

Take a look at some of the fun photos I’ve taken since I last wrote. I tried to limit the photos so you get a taste of things that I have seen and done since moving to Madrid. Enjoy!

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