What happened to the “weekly post” promise, Megan??

So much has happened since the last time I posted a month and a half ago!! My whole plan to post every week fell by the wayside. Why? I was busy applying to international schools. What a crazy process!!

First I had to decide on a international school recruiting agency. This turned out to be Search Associates. Actually, they had to decide if they wanted to work with me! I had to ask for lots of references (current and past administrators, parents, and colleagues). I was lucky to have so many nice people who were willing to help me. I had to provide my teaching certifications, police reports saying I was not a criminal, a personal bio, resume, current photo, and a list of every school in which I have worked. Once Search Associates accepted me into the program, I was given access to their database of schools that were hiring math teachers. I was also invited to their international school job fair that was held in beginning of February in Boston.

I applied to 34 different schools in Europe and Northern Africa. You are able to write to schools through Search Associates. However, most schools have their own hiring process which means you have to write cover letters to each school and complete their online application process. Each school expects you to include specific information about their mission, objectives, and five year plan in the cover letter you write and application questions you answer. I probably spent an average of 90 minutes on each cover letter and application. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of dates I sent letters, applications, any specific comments I made, what I liked, disliked, and any contacts I made at the school. 34 schools is A LOT to keep track of!!

To make a long story short…..A phone call prior to the recruitment fair brought a job offer!!  I accepted. I went to Boston anyway. I got to see dear friends and meet my future head of school at the fair. And I was able to experience the craziest Boston winter EVER.

Now I am in the eye of a document storm trying to get all of my paperwork ready to apply for my Spanish visa. Yes! I will be teaching mathematics at a great school in Spain. All of the Spanish I have learned will not go to waste. Although I do have to start watching movies and TV shows that are dubbed in Castilian Spanish and not Latin American Spanish. The Spanish accent is really hard for me to understand!

Here is a funny video about trying to get a Spanish visa. Spain is pretty well known for its red tape. Hope I don’t run into any of this while I apply!

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