What am I going to do first?

I have about two months of school left. (Yes, TWO MONTHS! No more complaining about snow days extending the school year ever again!) I have been working really hard to capture the attention of the seniors. In the last few weeks, the Ministry of Education added two extra weeks onto the end of the year for seniors and announced that the kids would have to take Examenes de Grados. If the kids do not pass, then they do not graduate. Whaaaaa? Yup. True. Aaaaaaand totally ridiculous. ¡Así es la vida!

When I am not planning or grading, I am daydreaming about all of the things I will do once I have the time. Here are my lists:

Around the Apartment

1. Organize my kitchen cupboards:  I want to buy cute containers for my spices, grains, and other staples and decorate them. My cupboards will be clean and beautiful!

2. Have more pictures framed and hung around the house.

3. Organize all other cabinets and closets. Donate all clothes I do not wear.

4. Clean out my beauty products. It’s a bit unruly in the bathroom cabinet.

*5. Forgot to add – Buy plants and put them all over my house! I miss living with greenery.

Beauty and Health

1. Exercise. I want to start The Couch to 5K all over again. I want to start yoga and dance classes as well.

2. Investigate the possibility of braces. My teeth have gone back to the way they were. Not cool, teeth. Not cool.

3. Meal planning and grocery list making. I want to get in the habit of creating my meals ahead of time, buying ONLY what I need for those meals, and then actually going through with the plan.

4. Get a facial. The stress and strain of my life here is taking a toll on my face. It ain’t cute.

5. Take my vitamins daily. Another habit I need to cultivate!

Developing my Mind

1. Spanish. I have to go sign up for class and my placement test.

2. Sign up for a cool Coursera math class. Maybe Calculus so I can brush up?

3. Find a ‘How to’ book about finding a new job path?

4.  Learn the finer points of soccer. The World Cup is coming and I don’t want to look stupid.

*5. Guitar lessons. I want to start taking lessons again. I can learn guitar with do-re-mi like Ecuadorians, right?

Social Life

1. Reconnect with my friends from before. I’ve been working so hard at school this year that I have neglected the good people from my previous Quiteño life.

2. Keep up the friendships I’ve made at school. I really have grown fond of my coworkers. I don’t want to lose them!

3. Catch up on my correspondence with my family and friends from home. I need to check in – it’s been a while!

These are just a few of the things that I have been considering. I need to start recording ideas as they hit me! I am really looking forward to creating good habits of body and mind. If you have a suggestion for something to do or a book or website that might be helpful, lemme know!  🙂



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