Don’t call it a midlife crisis! It’s a ….

So after my last post I received LOTS of feedback. All of it positive and kind which was awesome. I heard from people I haven’t spoken to in a long time which was a hoot! I have decided calling it ‘The Year of Megan’ sounds a wee bit too self involved after a few loving jokes from friends. Thanks for keeping me humble, fam. 🙂

In addition, I realized this might be my midlife crisis. I quit my job. I am with the most amazing younger man on Earth. And I moved to a new country. All signs of a midlife….crisis? I don’t think I’m in crisis. I googled ‘other names for a midlife crisis’ and there were many choices such as:

  1. Half life transition
    • Sounds like some sort of radioactive isotope experiment.
  2. Emerging maturity
    • Ummm, no. This sounds gross after you say it a few times.
  3. Middle life metamorphosis
    • Too Kafka-esque. Will I be some weird insect at year’s end?
  4. Progressive life shift
    • Seriously? I will NEVER say, “I’m experiencing a progressive life shift.”

None of these will ever come out of my mouth. In addition, after reading a few “men aren’t the only ones who get to have a midlife crisis” articles by some very angry women, I decided I am not in a midlife crisis. I’m just taking a step back and making sure I like who I am and what I’m doing. If there is a name for that then fine. That’s what I’m doing. (Identity Reassessment? That might work?)

Aside from all of the big picture stuff I’ve been considering, I’ve been having some fun too! I made some new friends at an Internations meeting and we went and had breakfast and then walked around Guapulo for the Ferio Paseo en Guapulo which was a day where you could walk through this cool bohemian neighborhood and tour the art studios of the artists. I love going to Guapulo because it feels like you are no longer in Quito. I had fun getting to know new friends in a kind-of-new neighborhood! Esteban and I also went to a salsa concert sponsored by my dance school which was amazing. Everyone was trying SO HARD to win. After the salsa show we went out for dinner to CafĂ© Mosaico which overlooks the Quito skyline. Gorgeous!

Here are a few pics – enjoy!!

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1 thought on “Don’t call it a midlife crisis! It’s a ….

  1. Hi Megan,
    Wayne and I just love hearing about what you are up to and seeing your beautiful pictures. Ecuador looks like such a beautiful country. Would love to see it someday.


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