¿¿El Año de Megan??

Most people know that I am not returning to my job next year. The decision has been made. What has not been decided is what the heck am I going to to do! Lots and lots of people have come up to me offering lots of options and I am incredibly blessed to have good people in my life looking out for me. Just today I ran into one of my students from my WorldTeach days who wants me to tutor her son. (Esteban is always reminding me how lucky I am to be an American in Ecuador with opportunities always coming my way! He is SO right!) Right now, I’m just not sure I want to take anyone up on their offers. Is that crazy?

I do know a few things I definitely want to do. I really want to go to school every day from 9-12:30 at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador and study Spanish. I want to make exercise a priority – start running again and join a yoga class. I would love to take some kind of artsy-crafty class like glass blowing or ceramics. I need to bring music back into my life so I’m going to take guitar lessons. I want to do a sort of spiritual ‘tune-up’.  And last – I need time to plan what I am going to do with the rest of my life at the end of next year. I don’t just want to throw myself into something or go back to the classroom ‘just because’. I have to read, research, and think.

So next year would be The Year of Megan. But I have to admit, I’m really worried about how it will look to other people. I know it sounds so selfish. A year focused completely on myself??? Even writing it sounds ridiculous. Who do I think I am? The thing is I have been teaching since I was 21 years old. TWENTY YEARS. (OMG – what???!!!) I have been waking up and going to school and taking care of other people for a long time. I have loved every minute of it….well, almost every minute. But it’s like everything has come to a grinding halt and I feel that something has to change.

If I was back in the States, there is NO way I would be able to do this financially. But I’m not in the States, God has led me to Ecuador and now I have this amazing opportunity to live in a place that has a VERY low cost of living. So … maybe I won’t look for a 9-5 job. I have a tutoring gig that will provide a little income. I’m quite the little saver so I have a nest egg. After lots of calculations, I have figured out that I can do this without affecting my retirement funds at all or my bank accounts too much.

I guess this is my midlife crisis. I’m excited I get to have it in Ecuador. There are definitely worse ways to spend a year! I don’t know where this all will take me but I can’t wait to find out…..seriously, I can’t wait. The not-knowing is KILLING ME!!

As always – a few pictures that show the day to day stuff I’m doing. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “¿¿El Año de Megan??

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be an incredible year with a lot of learning! You’re being really smart to take your time and figure it all out first. Maybe I should think over some things and actually start a retirement fund haha. Miss you!!

    • Thanks Ali!! And you really SHOULD start a retirement fund!!! You’ll be so glad you did! I’m very glad I was bullied into starting one!! 🙂 (I will start bullying you if necessary!)


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