Halloween, some sightseeing, and a little culture!

Since my last post, I have realized that I need to get some fun in my life and I’ve been trying really hard to make sure I’m balancing all of the work I’ve been doing with an equal amount of fun! I’ve been pretty good about making sure my weekends are packed with goodness. I haven’t been so good about the week. But all that is about to change because Esteban and I signed up for a salsa class that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and  and Fridays (?!) from 7pm to 8pm. That is guaranteed fun – and good exercise too!

I really wanted to post pictures of the Halloween Costume that Esteban and I made. We wanted to be something cool and creative. At the time, we thought being locations on a google map was both of those things. (I’m not sure which one of us found it on a website for ‘couple costumes’. Whatever.) My friend from school , Allison, threw a big Halloween party and the only requirement was you had a wear a costume. The party was such fun! She hired a DJ to keep the party going and everyone had a blast. Within a few minutes of dancing, my ‘streets’ were falling off and my red head marker was gone. See the pictures below.

And this past weekend, I went to Otavalo to do a little shopping with my friends. Caro and Amy were nice enough to drive and we stopped at the Casacada de Peguche before the market and it was beautiful. And strangely enough, it smelled really good too because of all of the eucalyptus trees. We  then went to the market and bought lots of fun stuff, had pie at the pie shop, and ate choclo con queso (YUM!) and headed home. On Sunday I went to the Museo de Guayasamín which is located in the artist’s home – GORGEOUS and moving art. Esteban and I went with friends I met when I was here with WorldTeach. So nice to see them and I was a little jealous of their 4 month South American travels. I need to travel more! When we left the museum, the clouds were rolling over the Andes and into Quito. Gorgeous view that I tried to capture with my camera.

One last update – I’m legal! I got an extension on my visa for 5 extra months. However, the process was so annoying! As you can see in my photo on my visa, I was not a happy camper!!

1 thought on “Halloween, some sightseeing, and a little culture!

  1. Your pictures are great and I love seeing them. It looks so beautiful down there. Glad that you are having such a great time. I know Esteban has no idea who we are, but say hello to him from us.
    Inge and Wayne


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