Mompiche – A little piece of heaven!

Last weekend, Esteban and I went to Mompiche for the three day weekend. It is a little town located on the northern coast of Ecuador and it is not too developed….yet. It is a little piece of heaven.

We stayed at Cabañas Iruñas which is a little place with 6 little cabins and a main house, all of which look out onto the Pacific Ocean. The cool thing about this place is that you can only get to it from Mompiche when the tide is out. And if you are heading there from Muisne, the only way to reach it is a 20 minute boat ride. Serene, secluded, and beautiful. I didn’t want to leave!

We spent the days laying on the sand, playing in the water, and eating encocado which is seafood cooked with coconut milk. I loved every minute of it!

1 thought on “Mompiche – A little piece of heaven!

  1. It does look heavenly. How do you manage to find the perfect spots?? You have the knack and probably could make a living at travel planning. Terry and I would be your first customers!! Love you lots, M.


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