Baños lived up to the hype!

On my last weekend to travel, I decided to go to Baños. Throughout my year, I heard SO MANY people talk about how fabulous Baños is … how much fun they had … how many crazy extreme sports they tried. So I decided, this was it. It was now or never.

Baños lived up to the hype. It´s a gorgeous little town surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and mountains. Our first night we took a chiva tour up to the overlook and saw Baños from above all lit up and so pretty! The next day, we took another chiva tour that visited all of the waterfalls. While we were visiting one of the waterfalls, we noticed people zip lining across the huge valley and we decided to follow suit. Take a look at the video!

Later that day we went canyoning in a nearby waterfall. We donned our ridiculous outfits and had a blast. The last waterfall was incredible and HUGE! It was 135ft. You didn´t know what you were about to do until you looked over the edge. I loved every minute. I felt my dad was there with me as I was on the way down. Very cool experience.

The next day we went river rafting before we left to return to Quito. It was a ball. I had done a Class III rapid but never a Class IV. It wasn´t that much harder but it was just as much fun. Our team was a hot mess. We never really got it together but the guide took care of us. Once we were finished, we hopped on a bus to Quito and the weekend came to an end.

But Baños definitely lived up to the hype!!

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