Mother’s Day, Cute Dogs, Crabs, and Allegiance to the Flag

(Okay  – if I’m posting about Mother’s Day, it’s obvious that I’m pretty behind in my blogging. I found this as a draft on wordpress rather than a post. So I’m upgrading it to a post. Just remember that I wrote this long ago! There is much to update and I will post a lot more very soon!)

Lots of random things have been happening. First, Mother’s Day! I missed my mom on this day but I got the chance to Skype with her. It’s never the same as being together but it had to do. Here at the Huaca’s we celebrated Mother’s Day with flowers, a breakfast of eggs and Baked Berry Cream Cheese French Toast, and later on with a delicious cake. I was really touched when the Huaca’s asked me to be the godmother of André’s graduation while we were eating cake and celebrating. I’m still not completely sure of everything the job entails but I know that it means I will walk with André when he marches down the aisle of his graduation. So, in a way, I was a mother on Mother’s Day too! We also went to a Mother’s day concert that Juan Fernando Velasquez performed for the mother’s of Ecuador. He’s known for taking pasillos, an older form of music here in Ecuador, and recording them in a way that a younger audience enjoys. It was AWESOME! I think Marcia enjoyed it quite a bit. I know I sure did. Here is a video of one my favorite songs of JFV:

I am running regularly now and I tolerate it. I´m not sure I can say that I fully enjoy but it gets a little easier every day. I find so many beautiful leaves each time I run but the leaf I found on one particular day was so beautiful, I took it home and photographed it! Yay, Nature!

My host family had crabs and beer for Sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago and it was heavenly. I couldn’t resist documenting the experience!

A little while later, André had his Juramento de la Bandera. It is a cool tradition where all high school seniors pledge their loyalty to Ecuador by vowing to honor Ecuador and by kissing the flag. The seniors so some serious marching and the school band did a great job  playing the marching music. André looked adorable and I tried to imagine what would happen if my high school back home asked the same of our students….it would not go over very well.

And last I had to include a photo of the dogs. I like to think of them as The Three Stooges.

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