I’m a Madrina!

I mentioned in a previous post that the Huaca’s asked me to be the godmother of André´s graduation on Mother´s Day. I wasn´t really sure what this meant and I´m still not sure. But after having experienced a high school graduation in Ecuador, I know a little more than I did.

First, all high school graduations are the same. There always seem to be too few tickets and too many relatives. Second, the school staff tries to control the family members who are jockeying for the front so they can capture their family member receiving his or her diploma. And third, the audience is never quiet. Never.

I walked arm in arm with André when he entered the auditorium. Then we were to split up. I went to sit with the parents and he sat with his classmates. I was in the front row and thought I had a sweet seat. It turns out that I didn´t because everyone was standing in front of me so they could take pictures. Who could blame them?

After the ceremony, the family invited everyone over for a toast and a little something to eat. Robin and Fernando joined us. Fernando came over on his motorbike and André was in heaven learning how to ride it. A few words were spoken, a few toasts made, and André was officially a high school graduate.

The weekend after, Esteban, André, and I went to Ambuqui for the weekend to continue the celebration. Ambuqui is about three hours outside of Quito. It´s in a valley so it´s sunny and HOT. We stayed at a hotel that had CRAZY water slides and a wave pool. (The only wave pool in Ecuador!) On the way back, we hopped in the back of a pick-up heading in the right direction. Turns out, we got a ride all the way to Quito. The views from the back of that truck were amazing.

I love Ecuador SO MUCH!

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