Trombone Shorty!

Best concert ever!

There was an international jazz festival in Quito in the beginning of Febuary so there were lots of concerts happening at Teatro Sucre. When I heard Trombone Shorty, just nominated for a Grammy, was coming and we could see him for only $10, I was psyched! This guy can PLAY and in the high altitude on top of that! AMAZING! Plus, I didn´t know my friends were going to the concert as well and we ended up in their row! So much fun!

The first group was a jazz ensemble from the local college and they were pretty good. But when Trombone Shorty came on the crowd went wild. I am not sure what happened to their electric guitar player, but the guitarist from the college ensemble stepped in and you could tell he had a blast! It was awesome to see all of the members of Trombone Shorty´s band help him out with when to come in and what chords to play. I also fell in love with the drummer, his curls, and his obvious joy in the music! At the end of the concert, the band did an encore of  “When the Saints Go Marching In”  in the traditional New Orleans style. They walked off the stage and around the theater. It was so much fun!

I’m now a fan!

UPDATE: Take a look at an interview about the concert. I made it into the official video! I show up around 1:57. Woo hoo!

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2 thoughts on “Trombone Shorty!

  1. hey! i came accross your blog by chance , i was looking for reactions of people across the world who had seen trombone shorty in concert, I’m french and when I knew that i could see him for only 21 euros i was like oh my god!!! i can’t miss that ! i’m looking forward to see him!


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