Random happenings in Quito…

So I have photos of some funky and fun things that I have done but they aren’t ‘big’ enough to merit their own post. So I’m putting them together into one post. Here goes….

1. A friend invited me to a brunch he hosted on the roof of his building. It was a beautiful setting for a fun brunch. Everyone was asked to bring something to contribute and wear khaki and white. He had lots of hats that everyone wore. It was pretty cool!

2.  We went to visit the luthier, Cesar Guacán. A luthier is someone who makes guitars by hand. This guy had to be the happiest man on Earth. He took us in, played his guitars for us, showed us his vacation photos, and gave us a little tour of his workshop. I learned a lot and fell in love with this man!!

3.  We went to a well known spot for dinner the other night. Anthony Bourdain went there during his visit to Ecuador. It´s a lots of little booths selling traditional Ecuadorian fare. I had hornado which was pretty good. It was really fun to visit and even better to eat!

I just love Quito!

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