I wanna move to Cuenca!

Last weekend I went to Cuenca with my host brother, Esteban. After two weeks of lying around the house feeling sorry for myself, I couldn’t take it anymore! So we bought our bus tickets and were off! We had a fabulous time exploring Cuenca which is a GORGEOUS city! It’s so clean and everyone is incredibly nice. You could ask anyone for directions and they would stop what they were doing, help you out, and give you suggestions about where they thought you should eat! There were parades every day in different parts of the city celebrating everything from the Holy Family to the Ecuadorian version of April Fool’s Day. The bus system was so organized and there were maps everywhere. In short, I want to move to Cuenca!

Highlights of the trip? Visiting a million beautiful churches, swimming in the hot pools in Baños, visiting Pumapunga – an archeological site in the middle of the city, visiting Ingapirca – an archeological site two hours outside the city, happening upon three different parades, and looking at Cuenca from Turi – a neighborhood that overlooks Cuenca. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. In short, go visit Cuenca if you have not yet had the pleasure!

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3 thoughts on “I wanna move to Cuenca!

  1. I love all the gorgeous colors of the city.
    So glad you had a fun trip and hope your leg is doing better.
    You look fabulous!


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