Best Day Ever!!

Tuesday was the best day ever. Here is everything that happened:

1.  I woke up on my own – no dogs barking, no dishes being clanked.

2.  My host dad cooked me two soft boiled eggs. I cannot make eggs exactly like he does. He has some sort of magical power over the eggs.

3.  I showered first so the shower was hot. Then I took my suh-weet time getting ready for the day. No rushing.

4.  Esteban and his dad got out the Christmas decorations. We put on Christmas music and decorated the Christmas tree!

5.  My host mom was grilling all sorts of yummy stuff and called everyone to have lunch together. I ate everything and was so full my stomach hurt – but in a good way.

6.  Esteban and I went to the mall to look for clothes. We walked around El Jardin. I got to look at books and perfume and E didn´t bug me about leaving once. Then we got really delicious ice cream.

7.  Esteban, André and I met my friends on Amazonas and watched the Desfile de Luces y Color. (Parade of Lights and Color) It was so beautiful – amazing bands, great dancers, a few beauty pageant winners, and sparkly costumes. We had to buy stools so we could see above the crowds. And while we were standing on our tiny stools, rather precariously, we turned around and saw a group of kids hanging off of a ladder. No fear. Crazy.

8. Esteban’s friend drove us home and we all sat in the living with only the Christmas lights on and messed around on the internet and chatted.

Perfect day!

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