¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Today is Marcia’s (my host mom) birthday. To celebrate, Henry (my host dad) took the family out for dinner yesterday in the historical center. We walked around for a bit looking at all of the public performance artists and then we ended up having Sunday dinner at the most beautiful restaurant in Quito. (Well, as far as I have seen!) It was on a rooftop in the Historical Center and we had 360° views of Quito. It was gorgeous! It was nice to be with my family after being so busy last weekend and on Saturday. They are really great people!

It’s funny because my mom’s birthday was yesterday and my friend Joanna’s is today. I got to Skype with my mom and see my family at the house. Thank goodness for Skype! Everyone seems a lot closer if you can see them!

Happy Birthday Mom and Joanna!

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