Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

After the zoo, the other Quito volunteers and I planned a Thanksgiving dinner. We couldn’t have it on Thursday since all of us had to teach but Saturday was a fine substitute. Everyone agreed to bring a different dish to pass and it was fun to hear how everyone ‘made do’ with what they found at the market. My friends Robin and Elizabeth came to cook at my house. I have a big kitchen and a wonderful family so everyone was happy to come over.

However, we all were late to my house because of the HUGE hail storm that happened. I have NEVER experienced weather like I did on Saturday. I was in the grocery store on my way home from the zoo when I heard a loud crashing that didn’t stop. Everyone in the store was looking up at the roof. I checked out and then stopped short when I saw what was happening outside. HUGE balls of hail were raining down so hard that you almost couldn’t see. There was a huge river of water flowing down the my steep road. I was trapped in the market for about a half hour. Crazy!

Elizabeth made asparagus wrapped in bacon, Robin made green bean casserole, and I made smashed potatoes. All three dishes were completely foreign to my family. My little brother, André, sat in the corner of the kitchen watching the gringas cook their weird foods and made comments about the peculiarity of our Thanksgiving food. Normally, I am André making comments about Ecuadorian food so I guess it was only fair. In his defense, he tried everything and he even liked some things!

We all met at our friend Robert’s house. His family is amazing and Robert is famous for his cooking. Robert cooked the turkey, stuffing, and a pan of delicious brownies for dessert. Katie brought cookies. Emily brought the Ecuadorian version of yams, and everyone else brought a lot of wine. It was heavenly. Our friend Greg said, “This night was so much fun. Food and fellowship. What more could you ask for?” I couldn’t have agreed more.

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