Ambato – The City of Fruits and Flowers

Last weekend, Robin and I went to visit our WorldTeach friends in Ambato. The city is 2.5 hours away from Quitumbe bus station in the north of Quito. BUT, it took one hour to get to that station from my house. (Quito is really long and narrow.)  Robin and I planned to be at the station at 9am but one thing led to another and we ended up getting there at 11am. Thank goodness we were both on the same page.

Ambato is MUCH smaller than Quito. When we arrived it was cold and raining which didn’t give the best impression. We found a hotel that had HOT water, HBO, and soft beds. Heaven. Once we settled in, we met up with our friends for some yummy Italian food and then we set off to Ali’s house for movie night. It turns out that her host family invited lots of their friends over so we ended up having quite a little fiesta!

The next day we headed out for breakfast at the central market with Ali and Jimalee. First we stopped for fresh coconut juice mixed with almond juice – YUM! Then we had the best llapingachos with avocado and a fried egg on top! After we walked around Ambato for a bed in the sunshine which left us with a much better impression. And then it was time to go! It was the perfect laid-back weekend trip.

Next weekend – TENA!!


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