Oh yeah – I have a blog!

Since I last updated my blog, I have had a great couple of weekends.

Last week, we had a long weekend. I had kicked around the idea of visiting the beach but I ended up staying in Quito and hanging out. And boy, am I glad I did! I had a fabulous time with my host family. On the Saturday of the long weekend, I decided to have fun in Quito with my brothers, Esteban (oldest) and André (youngest). First, we walked through an artisan market in the park. We visited Museo Nacional de Banco Central del Ecuador (National Central Bank Museum) which was free because it was Saturday. The museum houses artifacts that date back 5000 years! The civilizations living here were pretty amazing. They could make all sorts of things out of ceramic and gold. Then the Spanish came and everything went to hell in a hand basket. Really cool museum. Getting André to sit next to me and take a picture was quite a task. But Esteban ended up taking my favorite picture EVER. When you look, it’s the one where I look annoyed asking where André is and it turns out he’s hiding next to me on the other side of the weird artsy bench. I love that picture so much!

Next on our list was a little frisbee which didn’t go well since that is not a popular thing to do here. After we went to a gringo bar that André loves (He came with me to the bar to visit some friends a couple of weeks ago and loved watching American football. I think he is gringo at heart.) and ate some lunch. André ate buffalo wings and asked why there wasn’t any football on TV. Seriously, I believe the kid is gringo. Then we went and had an epic bowling match which I WON. WOO HOO! Since André lost he had to cut his hair so the next day, we went down and he got a haircut. Turns out school pictures were the next day so everything worked out perfectly. Plus, his mohawk is pretty cool.


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