Halloween with SECAP students!

On Monday, my classes at SECAP celebrated Halloween. It was so much fun! I prepared all of the games that we used to play at Halloween parties and my students had a ball. We played ‘Wrap the Mummy’ which was the most fun to watch. They had three minutes to wrap their teammate like a mummy using all the toilet paper they could hold. We played ‘Clothespin Drop’ which normally involves dropping wooden clothespins into a jar. Since I couldn’t find any wooden clothespins at the last minute, I used pencils. This game is deceptively difficult but there were a few talented droppers in each class. We played ‘Race to the Marshmallow’ where people have to chew string to be the first to get to the marshmallow in the middle. ‘Pass the Apple’ was absolutely a riot. You have to pass an apple without using your hands. Basically, it looks like you are necking with your teammates and my students thought this was hilarious. We also played ‘Pin the Nose on the Jack O’Lantern’ and danced the Electric Slide.

A good time was had by all. Now I have to top myself when I plan our Christmas party!

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