It’s been a long time coming!

Today I realized that it’s been a looong time since I’ve updated my blog. My life has settled into a nice routine and Ecuador is becoming less of a strange vacation and more like my life.

About one month ago, I moved in with a different family – The Huaca’s. They are fabulous people and it’s an incredibly different experience than my last family. I love being here. Henry and Marcia are my host mom and dad. They are lovely and devout people who put family first. They have three sons – Esteban, Henry, and Andre – who are so funny and smart. I know I’m going to have a great year with them!

Last weekend, I decided to go to SuperMaxi (a magical place) and purchase all of the things I need to make lasagna, bruschetta, salad with ranch dressing (!), and a vanilla cake. It took about 4.5 hours to cook everything but in the end I think it was a success! I invited my friend, Robin, over and we had a great dinner! This weekend, I am making pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I hope this meal goes over just as well!

When I wasn’t cooking last weekend, I visited the Cathedral. Its beauty is simply overwhelming. It’s HUGE. I went with a few other WorldTeach volunteers. We climbed to the top and looked over the city. I know that God can hear you praying wherever you are, but maybe in this place, he can hear a little more clearly! After the Cathedral , we walked to a part of town called La Ronda. It’s part of the historic center of Quito and is VERY old. Cars cannot drive down the streets and there are lots of restaurants and bars. There are lots of tourists but even more Quiteños that visit so it doesn’t feel to much like Gringoland when you are there!

I am loving teaching at SECAP. My students are so funny and smart! In the morning, my class is mainly teenagers who are studying to get into the University. At night, my class is mostly adults who want to learn English to help with their job or other kinds of things. Each class is really unique. I recently had a fashion show with my Basic class so they could learn the words for clothing. It was awesome and hilarious! Teaching English is NOT easy and I find that I´m spending a large amount of time planning. But I´m getting better at it and I hope to continue improving. Never hurts to hone a new skill!


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