Reality Bites

Soooooo……I had my first meeting yesterday. There were all sorts of forms that we received and lots of explanations on how and when to complete them. The people working at SECAP were speaking in Spanish and our directors were there to translate. The meeting lasted a good two hours and we were on our way once the SECAP director told my friend and I that we had to be there at 8AM and not to be late. Nothing too exciting.

Today, however, was another story. Robert and I arrived at 8am ready to work. We were to proctor placement exams for everyone who would be entering SECAP as new students.
And then we waited….and waited…..and waited. It turns out the woman was incorrect. Placement exams started at 10am. So for two hours, we just sat around. I read my Kindle for about 15 minutes before the battery ran out. I haven’t charged in since I’ve gotten here so that was my fault! And then we sat around for SEVEN more hours!! Well, six since we left for an hour long lunch which is actually really a short amount of time here in Quito! Reality definitely infiltrated my “I just moved to Ecuador!” bubble!

Thank goodness I brought the Cosmo I bought at the store yesterday. It turns out Cosmo is pretty much the same magazine no matter the language. At least it kept Robert and I busy. I just translated the magazine for him and we laughed at the RIDICULOUS articles. It was a good thing no one spoke English well enough to understand what I was talking about! Ahhh, Cosmo.

Tomorrow, I return for more testing and Thursday is my first day! Woo hoo!


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