The Party’s Over

I woke up early after a ‘late’ night out. (I avoid staying out really late for lots of reasons!) Right now, there are lots of WorldTeach volunteers heading out of Quito and to their placements. It’s really sad. We’ve had this lovely American bubble and it has popped!

Yesterday, was a fantastic last day. Instead of Spanish class, our school set up a scavenger hunt for everyone. It was a lot of fun. We had to do things like search for certain fruits at the market, sing a song in Spanish, ask a stranger for the lyrics to the national anthem, and perform skits about living in Ecuador for the rest of the group. The teachers had a good time watching us!

After Spanish class, my teaching group met our English class for a night on the town. It was a bit disorganized because people arrived late (not a shocker). Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the police uprisings in Quito so some of our students got stuck in traffic because of the peaceful demonstrations. It was also raining pretty hard and we decided to let the students choose where we would go. All of this added up to a pretty comical couple of hours. But everyone got their certificates and had a good time – especially the 16 year old. He didn’t drink but he got to go to a restaurant and sit with 20/30 somethings and act like he belonged. I’m pretty sure he was in heaven!

And last we had an awesome pizza dinner with the WorldTeach group. The pizza was SO GOOD. I skipped lunch so I would be hungry but there was no was that I could finish it all! It was a bittersweet time since we all had to say good bye at the end of dinner. It was really sad to say goodbye my friends, Allison, Nina, and Jorge. Allison is only going to be two hours away. Nina and Jorge are heading to different places on the coast so I will get some fabulous beach time when I visit them!


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