My Ecuadorian Life Is Starting Soon!

I only have one more week of orientation. This means I only have one more week with all of the friends I’ve made through WorldTeach, only one more week of classes to learn how to be an English teacher, and only one more week of fun activities performed in English. Of course, I will keep in touch with the friends I’ve made but things aren’t going to be the same. The Quito teachers have been saying we need to start planning our own activities for when everyone leaves like camping and weekend trips to the cool places around Quito. I am excited that I will now have the time to make some Ecuadorian friends! I guess I’m just eager to get my life in Quito started.

This week has been busy. On Tuesday, I got my first manicure ($2.00) and I participated in a charity Trivia Night and came in second place. We lost by HALF of a point but we did win a pitcher of beer. On Wednesday, my Spanish class headed over to the market for lunch. WorldTeach visited Guayasimin’s museum on Thursday. He is the most famous artist to come out of Ecuador. You feel exactly what he was feeling when you look at his works. Saturday, I headed out of town for the day and visited a little town called Ibarra. It’s very quaint and calm compared to Quito! Today, I’m heading over to Parque Carolina to do some Zumba in the park, then having a picnic with some friends, and perhaps catching a movie!

I am loving my time in Ecuador!


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