Field Trips!

I just posted about my classes and teaching which have been really hard work. But it hasn’t been all work and no play. I thought I would post some pictures about the fun stuff I’ve been doing as well.

Last week, we all took Salsa lessons and went out to a salsa club afterwards. The salsa club was unbelievable. I actually visited last summer and was equally blown away by the salsa dancing we were seeing. Most of us just sat back and watched!

Last Saturday, we visited La Mitad del Mundo, in other words, the equator. The guys in our group ate some cuy (guinea pig!) which is a delicacy here.

This week, the group took a tour of the historical district and headed up to see El Panecillo, a huge statue of the Virgin Mary that overlooks the city. It was a lot of fun to see something other than the inside of a conference room or SECAP!!

And yesterday, we visited Papallacta which is a little town that is well known for its springs that are heated by the nearby volcanoes. There are lots of pools that range from warm to HOT and people just lounge around all day getting pruny fingers and toes!

I’ve included some photo highlights in the gallery!


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