Mi Familia Ecuatoriana

I have an adorable family. My host mom’s name is Yenny – that’s pronounced Jenny. She’s actually Colombian and she came to Ecuador about nine years ago. Guido is her husband but right now he is in the US working. He’s actually a US citizen since he was born in Chicago but was raised by his aunt in Ecuador. I don’t think I will get the chance to meet him but the kids and Jenny are always talking about him and to him. They Skype almost nightly.

The three boys are Nicolas (8 yrs), Martin (5 yrs), and Miguel (2 yrs) and they are NEVER quiet. I mean never. (For this reason, Yenny is always yelling at someone and then there is the crying that inevitably follows.)  But they are so freaking cute that it’s really hard for me to get annoyed with them. And I love talking to them because they don’t care what my Spanish is like. They only care that I am giving them attention so I get to practice all of the time.

I did have to make the rule that if my door is closed, they are not invited in. So now when I leave my door open, Nicolas and Martin will stand with their toes on the edge of the doorway and ask “Me invitas?” which means “Am I invited inside?”. Miguel, the other hand, blows by them and throws himself on my bed any time he feels like it. I’m trying to train him but it’s tough. This kid is stubborn. 🙂

Today we went to the park and then I got everyone popsicles. This went over well. I thought everyone would be sufficiently worn out after and hour and a half of running around like crazy…..but no. These cuties are little machines. It’s amazing! I did get them to stand still so I could take pictures of all three while they were eating their treats. You can see the results for yourself. Yenny sure was in a good mood after having a couple hours of peace and quiet! With her husband in the US, I don’t think she gets any alone time. I was glad to provide a little for her today!

P.S. I am finishing this up while everyone is at the grocery store.                                   Sweet blissful silence – O! How I have missed you!


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