I made it to … Guayaquil?!?!?!?!

Today started with a wake up call from the hotel. And then I lollygagged around and ended up missing the airport shuttle at 5:40 and 6:00am. (Really, Megan? Late on the day you left for your Ecuadorian adventure? Yes. Late.) I caught a cab and made it with oodles of time to spare because the lines were nonexistent! Phew!

I stopped in Philly where I got one of those 15 minute chair massages. I was walking by the Xpress Spa and saw this guy getting a massage and I just HAD to do it too. Seriously? Best thing I’ve done in a long time. I need to find a chair massager in Quito.

After Philly, I headed to Miami and the  WorldTeach group meeting at 2:00 pmin the Miami International Airport. Everyone was so friendly and upbeat. I really like my group. The meeting was being lead by a WorldTeach alum who was going to do introductions, hand out WorldTeach ID cards, and our health insurance cards as well. Around 2:35 we realized that our meeting leader had not shown up so we called Boston and spoke to Maggie who works in the WorldTeach office in Cambridge. It turns out our leader was home throwing up and we would just have to handle introductions on our own and get on the flight. So we did.

The flight was nothing special – a little turbulence and lots of getting-to-know-you’s on the flight. When we got to Quito, we circled the city 5 times before we tried langing. There was a TON of turbulence and apparently you could see the wings flapping like they were going to fly off. We got SO close to the ground and then….the plane lifted up again and we were off to Guayaquil!! We spent a couple hours in the Guayaquil airport and then an announcement came on saying we could head back to Quito! The poor WorldTeach leaders had to round up more transportation and head back to the airport to get us.

All is well. Hotel. Sleep. New Day!


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