Moving Day

Today was moving day. All of the things that I am not bringing to Ecuador or leaving for my sub letters, I had to put into storage. There is a storage facility pretty close to my house and they give you a truck the day you move in. Awesome perk.

I asked two of my beloved ex-students to help me and the move could not have gone smoother. I don’t even know what I would have done without them. They were organized, diligent, and good-natured. Mind you, these were the same two who, just a short time ago, ran around making silly faces, laughing at fart jokes, and never finished their homework. This is the cool part of teaching – watching your students grow into awesome adults. When they were in high school, I went crazy worrying about them and making sure they were doing everything they should. Today, they totally took care of me. When we were sitting at lunch, I was so filled with pride when I realized that they had grown up into good and responsible men that I almost burst into tears. (This is happening quite often as my departure nears.)

So now I am sitting in my apartment with very little in it except for mounds of clothes, piles of toiletries, and a couple of suitcases. It’s really echo-y and a little weird. My departure for Ecuador is getting close!! Eek!


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