For the last week, I’ve been in Rochester, NY visiting my family. It was nice to go home during the summer because it rarely happens since I’m usually traveling somewhere.

I started out in the Adirondacks at my cousins’ house on White Lake. I know I wrote a post about Pinemór before but I have to say it again – it’s like heaven on Earth. Then I had to say goodbye to the Syracuse contingent of the Bairds. It was awful and sad. My poor cousin Jeanne! She got a bit teary so I wagged my finger at her and said, “NO!”. (Sorry, Jeanne!)

I spent the week going between my parents’ houses and my sister showed up at both. I felt like the whole time I was home there was this weird feeling in the air because everyone knew they were about to say goodbye to me for the next year. Everyone was extra nice and saying goodbye was, again, awful and sad….and I haven’t even left the USA yet!

On the last day of the Rochester visit, I received an email from WorldTeach. I found out that I will be spending the year in Quito teaching two conversation classes! I visited Quito last summer for a couple months and I loved it! So I am pretty pleased to be there for the year. Plus – it’s a hub for the rest of the country so I will be able to get to lots of places all over Ecuador quite easily! Yay!

So now I’m home and I’m starting to get serious about packing. On Thursday, I will move most of my things into the storage facility. I don’t think the process going to be too bad. I’m pretty organized now and the people subletting my apartment are going to use quite a few of my things so they don’t have to be packed. (I love that my stuff is going to be used while I am away. I don’t know why but it’s comforting to me!)

Quito – here I come!

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