My Love Affair with East Boston

I’m a HUGE fan of my neighborhood in Boston. It’s right on the water. It has tons of green space. It’s an eclectic mix of old Italian and new Latino immigrants. It has the BEST view of the Boston skyline. You hear bachata floating through the windows. Lots of young families are moving here. Kids play ball in the parks until it’s dark. You might hear Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese while walking just a few blocks.  I just love it.

And yet….so many people never take the time to come and visit this fabulous part of Boston. Granted, it’s a bit out of the way but it’s worth the trouble. So I’ve been trying to capture the beauty of Eastie and post pictures here on blog for all to see. I hope to achieve two goals by doing this. First, I want everyone to see the charm of East Boston. Second, if I long for these charms while I’m in Ecuador, I’l peek at these pages and hopefully feel a little less homesick.

Enjoy East Boston! I’m really going to miss it while I am in Ecuador. Over the next  couple of months, you’ll see more pictures I’ve taken of this terrific little neighborhood. Take a look at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, Piers Park, and LoPresti Park. I can guarantee you will fall in love like I have!


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